About Us

G’day and welcome to It’s Nannas’ Place. Thank you for dropping by today. Let’s grab a cup of your fave tasty beverage and see what kind of trouble we can get into.

I’m Tracey (aka Nanna) and I’ll be your host for most of your journey here. I started this blog as a way to keep busy while I figured out what to do with being and empty nester. Not knowing what I wanted to do now that “Some day” had arrived and I finally had the time to figure out who I was other than “mum…”

I’ve worn many hats at one time or another and played many roles as I’m sure you do as well. Currently mother, grandmother, spouse, best friend and I’ve even gone by Fairy Godmother a time or two. One of my favorites though, the part that I can use for all else is personal cheerleader, teacher and role model.

Nanna and Papa at itsnannasplace.comI figure sharing experiences with everything from gardening, pond and yard landscaping projects, indoor house projects and home hacks (DIY projects) and tons of arts and crafts type adventures, not to mention plenty of the misadventures and what not to do as well is a fun way to share, learn and grow. Art, art journals, handmade journals, knitting and general making of gifts, toys and the like are my current addictions.

The Mr. (aka Papa) is the handy man, foodie extraordinaire and all things survival, camping, awesome, nerdy and tacticool. He is a wizard when it comes to the interwebs and his trivia skills are down right impressive. Robert is also the reason this blog got started in the first place due to his utmost faith and support for anything I need or want to learn to do. Perhaps some day he will grace us with his expertise and vast font of knowledge via posts, projects, reviews or even videos.

Zen, Supervisor in Chief
Zen. Supervisor in chief.

Now I must admit that I am kept quite in line via the best Supervisor that ever was. Her name is Zen and you will see her photo bombing as many pictures she can get away with. It’s her thing.


Intern and inspector of all things.

I also have the keenest intern and inspector-of-all-things, and naught gets by him. Mostly. His name is Nigel, and you’ll see a lot of him also.


The rest of the crew are all over the place so we skype as often as we can until they can blow in from time to time, so you may get to see the kids and Grandkids as well.

We are currently doing what we can to turn the house and yards into something more like an old school (self reliant) Eden right in the middle of town. It’s come a long way in three years but there is such a long way to go. We’ll get there, one season at a time.

We are not professionals or experts when it comes to such things, but we are adventurous and know just enough about random things to be dangerous, or so it would seem. Part of the reason for this blog is to help us keep track of what we have accomplished, if nothing else.

After much pondering, it has become clear that this blog, It’s Nanna’s Place is also just that. A place for me (Nanna) to park thoughts in a small corner of the Universe just because I can, as I figure out this next stage in life and all that comes with it. It’s Nanna’s Place is our adventure in randomness. Nothing more. Nothing less.

You can expect posts here once or twice a week, the occasional newsletter and there’s talk of videos and a shop in the not so distant future!

So from our family to yours,

Welcome to this fun an exciting new season of life!


A place for fun, messy creatives and the good old fashioned crazy and fun comforts of home.