Halloween Crunch Time! All hands on deck! -updated

The Bane Mask

Well Halloween is upon us once again and our living room, shall we say appears to be a craft store after a tornado. All manner of craft foam, fabric, paint, plastic tubing, buckles and the trusty hot-glue gun at the ready.

The Mr. has finished a Bane mask for a friend and is feverishly putting together his Judge Dredd vest. Pepakura (think origami on crack) is his thing for sure, and he is amazing at it! As per the Iron Man costume that got him started. (See Below)

Iron Man and Bat Girl at itsnannasplace.com
Us as Iron Man and Bat Girl 2011

Being nerds on a budget and having a love for DIY, Halloween has turned into a world I never knew existed. Oh the fun! The RPF is an absolute must for anyone wanting movie quality costumes that you can make yourself. And who knows, maybe you’ll even win a costume contest or two. At the very least, you’ll blow your friends minds!

Even now, we have another friend, parked on the couch with coffee in hand, troubleshooting and planning techniques to construct his Henchman 24 costume (from Venture Brothers.) It’s a team effort with no detail or technicality left undiscussed.

pepakura, cosplay, DIY IronMan handmade costume by Papa at itsnannasplace.com
Papas pepakura Iron Man

I am amused at the transformation from the agonized week he had, fretting over what he would be this year; to right now, excited and willing to learn new skills. Honestly, I love to see people begin their journey towards their goals.

Usually by now, this close to Halloween, we have bought and started carving pumpkins. A lot of them! It’s an event to behold. Every night the week before Halloween, a huge sheet of plastic completely covers the living room floor. Neighbors, Awesome Kid #2, The Mr. and I sit on the floor, design, cut, scrape and carve. Many a laugh to be had every time. (I’ll have to scare up the pictures for you some time.)

This year is different as we’ll sadly not be doing pumpkins. Sigh. So focus is on the costumes, and ours are last. Again. Panic! We have so much fun trying to make our friends visions come to life and hopefully teach something along the way, that we lose all track of time. Wait, what day is it again? Here’s some of Papa’s Judge Dredd bits drying.

Judge Dredd costume pieces at itsnannasplace.com
Craft foam never looked so good.

On a good note, I finally came up with a costume. Hooray! While not cheating exactly, I’ve decided to go with items I already have. Mostly. Better late than not at all, or so I’ve been told.

If you know of Judge Dredd, you may be familiar with Mama. Head of the Mama Clan that runs Peachtree. I know, little time and effort in this one and I used things I already had for the most part.

The red shirt was an over-sized cheapy from Walmart. A can of dark hair colour spray for $1 and the whole get up cost $6. Some super glue and makeup work and it was all done in about 30 minutes. But work smarter, not harder I say. And hey, an accidental couples costume is also a win.

DIY Mama (Judge Dredd) costume at itsnannaspace.com
My last minute Mama costume.
DIY Mama costume at itsnannasplace.com
The fake scar upset some family at first.


Are you ready for Halloween? Do you have, or partake in parties with all the fun ghoul noms and decorations? Are you a costume person or do you like handing out candy to all the little goblins and ghouls? Or perhaps hiding with all the lights off pretending not to be home? Are you into cosplay or pepakura? let us know in the comments!

What ever your poison, may it be a safe and happy Halloween!

Oh, and please REMEMBER FOOD ALLERGIES when handing out goodies!!!

Happy Haunting!

Update: Here’s Papa all done up as Dredd

DIY Dredd Costume at itsnannasplace.com
Papa’s Judge Dredd costume from the back.
DIY Judge Dredd costume Halloween 2011 at itsnannasplace.com
“I am the law”