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Hand knit turtle stitch on button eyes at

Hand Knit Turtle

I love turtles, hand knitting and to give hand made gifts. There is something about them that money simply can not buy (unless you bought a hand made item of course. Props on supporting artisans like me!) Anywhoo, Here is the breakdown in pictures on how to stitch together a hand knit turtle.

Quick Binder Cover Upgrade Enjoy your pretty new high Vis binder covers at

Quick Binder Cover Upgrade

Have and old boring binder? Need a new, fun updated cover? Only have a few minutes? I know I did! I finally got around to organizing my art stencils into binders and decided to beautify the binder covers while I was at it as well. Here’s how I did it. Trim 12×12 scrapbook paper down to … Continue reading Quick Binder Cover Upgrade

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