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Candles and Coffee

Today, as most others any more, has been draining. For no particular reason. Just the speed of life. Always things to do, cross off the list only to be replaced with a new set of to-do’s for the following day, or week. Whatever the current schedule may be.

It was whilst printing out pictures for a Christmas book I’m putting together for E, that it dawned on me, no one stops to acknowledge their accomplishments any more. I am definitely guilty of this. But why? Are we so busy doing? So busy we forget to get off the hamster wheel from time to time and just be?

Well, yes. I believe it comes down to success. No matter what that means for each person. We are driven to do stuff, so that we feel like we are doing a good job. But honestly, who cares? Who is going to stop long enough to tell us? Is it not our stuff and we then are the only ones that know if we did great or not? And if we can not pat ourselves on the back and have it be enough encouragement, what then?

But why do we not take time to enjoy our hard work? Why do we not stop and smell the roses? Light candles and sip coffee, just to enjoy the room we rearranged, again. That was my goal this evening and oh my! It was difficult at first, to set aside thoughts of all that “needs” doing. But after skyping with Baby E (which I am so thankful for), I refocused, starting with the crackle of my new FireSide candle.

Just the sound has made a difference. It sounds like a mini fireplace. Watching the flame dance to its own tune, illuminating the various bottles recycled as plant holders, warming shelf space that previously was just “there.” Sipping fresh hot coffee has also helped me slow down and enjoy the new photo arrangement on the wall. It has become cozy with an energy all of its own. Making this house a home has been challenging, but rewarding.

I wonder then, is it possible to get things done AND appreciate our surroundings at the same time? I would like to hope so. Yet I have but two speeds. Break-neck, and putter. Hmm. Learning to acknowledge accomplishments, even for a moment, has changed my out look and over all feeling about everything I do. Whether its on a list or not.

It has been lovely to enjoy all the smiling beautiful faces of my family. To remember what it has taken to get here. I wonder, how do you stop to smell the roses? What’s your version of candles and coffee? Do you take time to really enjoy your work, no matter how big or small a task or project? Pat yourselves on the back dear hearts!


Into the fray.

After many a year of hearing, “You should write this stuff down”, no matter what “this stuff” happened to be on any given day; here I am. So into the fray I shall wander.

These days I find myself reflecting on all that I have learned while raising kids. Having a family, and even now being blessed with three Grandchildren. Sounds as it should be right? Well, there have been, shall we say, many bumps in the road. Or roads, as it were. If nothing else, I finally learned to pay attention to all the little things. Stress less. The importance of time for coffee. Talking with your love and good friends. Yeah, yeah took long enough!.

While there are tons of books, articles and blogs on being the best mum you can be, I find there to be a serious gap when it comes to being a Grandparent. There is a shift that happens to one’s out-look that is never mentioned.

We look at our Grandparents and don’t think of them as anything other than (in my case) awesome Grandparents. It’s hard to remember that they are, know and have done so much more. They have been people in their own right longer than we have known them. Weird.

There also seems to be a lack of information on how to shift from stay at home mum, doing for everyone, all the time; to having raised your kids and now doing more stuff for yourself (without feeling guilty.) Sounds ridiculous, I know. Yet so many of us are guilty of such a thing. We tend to forget that we are the glue that holds our  little Universe together.

We must find the balance between taking care of others and having down time. You know, to do activities that make us feel good about ourselves, our purpose and our little corner of the world. This is important for our health and wellbeing on so many levels. Feeling good about life makes us refill the cup of happiness so that we may drink from it another day.

That being said however, this blog is not a how-to for that shift. Not exactly. This is a journey through all of those “someday” projects, ideas and dreams that I myself tend to put aside due to lack of time, finances and anything other deemed “more important right now.” Sound familiar? Not to mention all the hurdles life throws into ones path in an attempt to slow or stop us.

As I swim through the ashes of another life, the trick is trying to remember all those “someday” things. What still matters and what doesn’t? What is important now? What will be challenging, interesting or just plain old fun? Hmm. Oddly enough I didn’t know what to start with. Feeling lost I had to set it aside for a time. Now I don’t worry about it and just take life day by day. Well mostly.

Not being able to live without some form of to-do list (previously deemed “guidelines”), I believe the important part is balance. Actual to-do’s get done and there is always something going on throughout the day and often into the night. Having to take a freakishly lax need of sleep into account keeps things interesting as being quiet while creating is not what I would call a strength. And Papa needs his sleep.

It finally dawned on me, after many years of restless nights, that night time really is the best time for me to do all the things put off during the day, at least on nice sunny days. (I am with out a doubt solar powered.) It’s the best time for crafts and hobbies. Those things that get set aside when people are coming and going, through our beloved Grand Central Station of loves and friends.

Speaking of to-do’s and projects, I really must go and write guidelines for the up coming week. Do you have a planner? To-do lists or sticky notes? Or are you blessed enough to wing it and do it live? No matter your system, or lack there of, I hope you have a truly great week! Remember to take time to reflect on who you were, who you are now and what it took to make you awesome today. I’ll see you around, out of the comfort zone, into the fray.


Unconventional Approach to Blogging? Sure, why not.

I’ve been called unconventional, in a lot of areas in life. It’s not been surprising then, that when I first started this blog, three years ago, I didn’t particularly have something to say. Nor did I have a cause or overly expected anyone to read it. I wasn’t building a platform or looking for fame or fortune.

So Why Blog?

Why not? Honestly, how many times has some one told you that something you do or know is genius, or you should write a book, or that people would pay for that?

I never knew the concept of “What’s mundane to you is exceptional to someone else…” Though I had a lot of experience with it, I never gave it thought. It wasn’t until I noticed the pattern that I practiced awareness and low and behold, it was in fact a very real phenomenon!

So what does one do with a better understanding that you can help people, just by being yourself? Blog. Your tribe will find you, and ask the questions they need answers for. I’m a firm believer that if you have a question about something, chances are someone else out there does to.

So, a blog was born. Sadly however, after three years and starting to gain traction, this very blog crashed! I wasn’t horrified though, until I realized that the back up had been corrupted! I still don’t know how, when or why. Rest assured I have changed back up protocol though and with a steeled will and love for writing, sharing and helping anyone who needs it, here we are.

Who can blog?

Well, anyone. Every one. Anyone that has something to say, a movement to start, adventures to share, something to teach or perhaps you want to build a platform for your profession, or products etc.

That’s not to say it’s for everyone though. You need to be sure you have the time. It takes far more time than I ever would have guessed. And there is a lot of work that goes into every aspect of a blog, whether it’s built professionally or the simplified plug and play do it yourself versions.

Do you need a blog? Probably not. But if you have future plans for an online presence you might as well get started now and build your foundation, find your tribe. They are the very people who you blog for, even if you really started to write just for yourself, your tribe will bring more to the table than you could ever have imagined.

Your blog tribe varies greatly from your day-to-day peeps. They understand more specific aspects of what you are doing and who you are, if that makes sense.  It’s different from your friends and family that love and support you whether they understand what you are doing yet or not.

It doesn’t matter how you blog, whose rules you follow or if you are all about conventional or unconventional methods. If you want to, just do it!

So, do you need or want a blog? Maybe you have one already and still have questions or can add some advice? Whatever your case may be, leave a comment and share your thoughts!