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And We’re Back! For Real!

We are back indeed! Mostly. After a crash and issues with the back up I thought all hope was lost for this little blog. But if nothing else I am stubborn and kept at it. Lo and behold I was able to save 80 of the original posts.

The next issue though, was it worth it to save them? All the pictures need retagging and most of those posts are three years old. Is it worth it? All that time it’s going to take could be used for new posts, new content.

After much struggle and waging war with myself, I have decided that YES! it’s very worth restoring those poor old posts. Not only will It help make sense of all to come here on the blog. But I believe that some times you must take a step back in order to propel yourself forwards.

And so I is. Now so as not to confuse any of our new readers, all of the old posts will be tagged with the category “Lost Posts” before their sub tags. This should help find topics you are looking for, and give you a heads up that the info in said posts is older. Fair enough?

Also Coming to It’s Nanna’s Place:

I’m so excited to tease that I’m working on an eBook…

And this month will bring new printables and resource library materials,


Because we love you and appreciate your ongoing love and support to achieve our goals and dreams!

So that’s it for the now, I’m off to work on all the goodies we want to share with you!

Blessings to you and yours,