A gift worthy of a Fan Girl? How about a DIY TARDIS galaxy shirt?

A gift worthy of a fan-girl? Is there such a thing? We all know those people who are head over heels for that one thing they are into. Or several things they are in to, what ever the case may be. And usually, finding gifts for said people, with such a specific interest or interests is relatively easy.

So what then, do you get for a 13-year-old girl who is all up in the fan fiction? And not just any girl, but the bestie/neighbors kid you love as one of your own? Something that is beyond cool, beyond awesome? I’m sure you can to Hastings or such and check out the latest Harry Potter get up, or as any Whovian knows with a new Doctor comes new Dr. Who merch. That’s all fine and well, but let’s face it, it’s; well boring and unimaginative I guess.

Now when said 13-year-old has taken to heart one of the very things you grew up with, one of the very things she gets picked at for, as you did. And is very willing to follow her own path, stand on her own feet and proudly nerd up, not following the society of sheep all around. What gift then, is personalized enough for a kindred spirit, to cheer her on in her rebellion of “Nay-sayers” and “Should-doers?”

Not just anything will do. And being a fan-girl, knowing every minute detail of story lines and a personal knowledge of characters that are closer than people in her real life, well you simply can not just pick something off a shelf, or even scour the internet for that one perfect gift. Not if you want to blow her beautiful nerdy mind.

So what do you do? Once you work out the direction to take it becomes easy. And as said fan-girl is 1) a real Whovian, 2) with a love of t-shirts; it becomes even easier. See? We just narrowed it down to a Dr. Who t-shirt. And in two steps!

But how do we make this a one of a kind, personal gift that no one else can copy off her remembering the kids that pick on others for being different, and then copy and steal said new, awesome, cool thing she came up with? Because kids are freaking mean.

  • Well, we find a black shirt, you know, because teenager now…
  • And we find bleach, spray bottle, paints, brushes, sponges, even sticks…it’s art. Have fun with it!
  • And then we print out an epic picture of the Tardis off the googles on to iron-on-transfer paper (the kind made for dark fabrics)
  • And then we wing it. Galaxy shirts, clothing and such are apparently all the rage, or have been or something. I must have missed the memo on that one. So we wing it, ok.

But I can close my eyes, remember images from the Hubble Telescope and overlay them with my imagination (adding in limited art skills) and memory of the Tardis from Dr. Who, and this, very loosely re-imagined, is what I see….DIY T.A.R.D.I.S. galaxy T-shirt at

I know there are tutorials all over the place and I admit I really didn’t worry about them (Sorry creative people, I am a hands on type also.) I did however spend several minutes looking at images of what is floating about the ether, and I was so excited to just jump in and give it a go. I’m not sure if there are rules for Galaxy wear, being a form of art and crafts, nor do I particularly care.

Now having worked with all these materials and having them on hand already, I not only saved money (always a win) but I was familiar with understanding that spraying bleach in random gaseous and star type ways needed to be done before washing, drying and then playing with paint. I was also very careful, since I cheated with making an iron on, not to have paint too close to the placement of where I would need to use the iron, as that is the last step.

So there it is, a Tardis Galaxy t-shirt. And just because I had a boring denim jacket onDIY T.A.R.D.I.S. galaxy denim jacket at standby, loyally awaiting a fun idea, I made one for me, sans color. And no it’s not stealing her awesome juju on account I have been a Whovian since Tom Baker (the 4th Doctor) with reruns of previous Doctors at the same time. Yeah, old and all that lol.

So, what do you think? Is this something you will try? I’d love to see them! If you have questions I would be happy to do my best to answer them in the comments below.

Oh, and she loved it, to the point of praise, a smile and a giggle (which coming from a shy person is huge!)

Happy crafting creatives!



Pixel. The cat who made me love him.


Pixel the silver cat at
Pixel. The great silver cat.

I am a dog person. At least I have said so for years. Why I say this I’m not entirely sure. I like most critters honestly. I guess that is what has made the last few days so incredibly difficult. We lost our cat to old age. He put up one hell of a fight though, on account he was hard-headed and stubborn.

Which may be the very reason I grew to love him as I did. We had quite the understanding, he and I. It wasn’t a love-hate relationship though I’m sure at times it looked like one. I’d like to think it was more a raging battle of wits. And we were both particularly good at it. Oh how he made me laugh!

It was so hard to watch him go. But we were glad he didn’t have to be alone. It was hard to lay him to rest, though now he lay in the very garden where he loved to venture from time to time which is Pixel, Inspector cat at itsnannasplace.coma big deal for an indoor kitty.

But it seems harder now. With the quiet. The house feels different without Pixel lording about. Without him reminding me it is 4:30 p.m. and therefore must be time for dinner. Or that making coffee is a great time for some milk.

It is hard, taking a bath at 3 in the morning when I can’t sleep, and not having him headbutt the door open, stroll in, sniff at the bubbles and then curl up on the bath matt on the floor, completely unimpressed with the whole thing.

Coach Pixel, Ab workout supervised by Pixel at
Apparently I’m not supposed to do any crunches today! Silly Pixel

It’s weird, I knew I spent a lot of time with him, due to being a home body and both of us creatures of the night, as it were. But not having him coaching crunch sessions, or chirp in conversation, or sit on my shoulders to purr in my ear while writing or doing chores, it has been, lonely. I miss my little buddy. I just hope that he had a good life, especially in the short few years I have gotten to know him.

dog and cat friends, nap time at
Looking cute is exhausting!

Pixel was a very different cat when I first moved in with the Mr. He was moodier than a teenage girl, more self-indulgent than a teenage boy, and more self entitled than a sociopath. Some time over the years, he had mellowed, enjoyed treats and loves, though still only on his time, as cat’s are want to do.

We played tag, and fetch and he would be up with me checking on things that went bump in the night, as the dog slept soundly on the couch. He would run to the door when the mail man came and inspect the people that came to visit. Every package or bag of groceries were diligently inspected and all boxes, were naturally his. Friends had commented  how he looked good happy. This warms me. Especially on a cold moody day such as this, as I miss him terribly.

The joy and blessing our pets bring us, even when they are testing our patience like a Pixel and Zen at itsnannasplace.comtoddler testing boundaries, is priceless. They are part of the family, and add to the dynamic that is our life. And bless them for it. It is hard for all, including Miss Zen (the dog in the pictures) Whom continues to wander about looking for her dear friend.

Pixel helped the Mr. and Zen both through some difficult life events, making it through the other side, keeping them both in line. He did the same for me. Pixel is the cat who made me love him. It is a heavy loss to our little family as we attempt to adjust. I’ll not say goodbye, I don’t do them. But may he rest in peace, knowing we love him still.

Sleep well my friend.